Sunday, May 2, 2010

New car

I just deleted the other pics by accident of our new car. It is a BLAST to drive. I just love it! I have loved driving the 4-Runner for 19 years but WOW what a change. We both love it!

RJ and Jared were already gone. I got to take Jennifer, Savannah, and Zachery to the airport.

Savannah and I had fun making cupcakes, and eating them too!

We had an unexpected visit from Jared, Jennifer, and family for the sad occasion of the passing of Jennifer's grandfather. I was planning to go there but they came here instead.
I spent a couple days with RJ and Savannah. We went to the park and the Jelly Belly factory. It was a really busy day. On Saturday we had a fairly warm day. The town pool, newly redone, was reopened. It was chilly with the wind but the kids had a good time I think. Didn't get any pictures of that though.

It's not the holidays without some family.
Some random pics from Christmas and New Years. Yes, I AM slow to get to this. Was so nice we got to see Luz and Josh who went with us over to Scott and Polly's on Christmas. Jeremy and Lisa came the following week.

Bedroom update

It seems that we are always in remodel mode, project mode around here. We are STILL working on the bedroom. It's hard when you only have Saturdays to work on it. Life gets in the way too.
Well, we ended up putting in a whole new electrical panel. We had to move electrical, move a wall, insulate, and now we are putting up the sheetrock. It finally looks like a room again.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some pics of what we are doing in our bedroom.
The chandelier and sconces for the room.
The ivory headboard that we ordered. It took many hours of online shopping. I'm still deciding on nightstands.

The blue is the bedding I have picked out. The picture of the cream colored room... we are copying what they did for the closet. (Actually I think this is a very pretty room, but I don't want my room beige or cream.)
The panel doors with fabric in the top area along one whole wall. We also ordered a standard french door with 6 panels of obscured glass for the entrance to the bathroom.

Friday, February 19, 2010

There are SO many more pics, I could go on forever. All of my grandchildren are stars, lights, in my life.

I just want you to know that I have enjoyed every minute with you. I love talking to you on the phone and the computer.
You are very special. Have a wonderful birthday.
Love you! Grandma